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A New Infrastructure
for Providing a more Stable and Powerful IPTV Service

EPG Update

Full up to date EPG for more than 5200 channels with the ability to select EPG based on a specific country.

Live Events

Providing live events without the loss of quality with catch-up especially for sport events.


Access to a large bank of movies and TV series on an IPTV platform with full access without the need for a additional hardware.

Catch Up

There is an epg-based catch-up service that has been stored on our servers and is available for approximately 7 days.

Secure Gateway

Our secure payment system is fast and reliable.

Reminder System

There is an automatic reminder system that sends emails to your clients based on your brand information and reminds them when their accounts are near expiration.
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IPTV Package with Regular Payment and High Efficiency
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Plug and Play
Supporting the latest versions of media players and streaming devices with a fast, easy,
and affordable way to watch IPTV on any device, anywhere.
By utilizing our deep background experience in providing IPTV and gaining insights from the most advanced algorithms,
for Performance
a new intelligent, user-friendly and easy to use Dashboard has been innovated for our clients.
Take It with You
Download a free app from the Apple App Store, Google Play, or the Windows Phone Store and start streaming on your Smartphones and Tablets.
More entertainment for your gaming console. IPTV Stack is available on Xbox one and Playstation4.
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Dedicated Access from all Around the World

An amazing feature. When you connect to the service from the UK, you will be connected with thousands of people from different countries at the same time, and everyone should get a quality image.

Our infrastructure has provided the ability to put different servers in different parts of the world, which will allow you to connect to the nearest server so that you will get a better service (speed and quality). Also If there is a problem or a problem with a server, there are several alternative servers that will provide service to you and you’ll always have stable channels and stay connected.

Service Features

Are you looking for trusted provider, who are ready to get insight about your needs?

Enjoy full seasons of exclusive series, blockbuster movies, kids shows and more on direct tv.
The ability to add up to 5 connections to a single line for a better experience for your home entertainment at a discounted price.
Access to a large bank of movies and TV series on an IPTV platform with full access without the need for a additional hardware.

Up Time

Powerful servers and load balancers over Europe. 99.9% up time.


Our exclusive system allows you to not have freeze on your TV


We offers you best service IPTV with best prices.

Happy Customers

Servicing more than 4,000 Happy clients in 120 countries

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